Finding Medical Space

13 August 2021

How to list and find medical space or consulting rooms in South Africa.

Finding Medical Space
Finding Medical Space Online

Are you a medical professional looking for space or do you have medical rooms available for rent? Either way, let SpaceMatch do the legwork on your behalf.

Medical rooms aren’t quite the same as retail spaces because they come with slightly different expectations and requirements. However, our expertise in the sector allows us to apply a similar professional approach to matching medical tenants with landlords and vice versa.

Medical Space User
As a potential tenant, you should consider the following.
  • Length of Lease This is important because you need to consider whether it’s important to secure a longer-term commitment or if you’re happy to look at a short-term rental.
  • Who will pay for any fittings? Landlords sometimes pay for some of the fittings so it's important to agree upfront what you're going to cover. 
  • What expenses will you cover? Ensure that there is documented agreement about what expenses you will cover on items such as utilities, insurance, property management fees etc.
  • What does the market look like? Be aware how buoyant the current market is so that you can predict how negotiable a landlord may be on the agreed deal.
Medical Space Owner
As a landlord, any extra Space could be earning you revenue so renting it out should be a priority. Before you do that, consider the following.
  • Consider what commitment the tenant is prepared to make. Is it a permanent tenant or someone who only requires specific hours each week. Are you prepared to consider both options? It’s also worth understanding whether any prospective tenant is an established practitioner with many patients or just starting out.
  • What are you offering? Consider whether you’ll pay to fit out the room and whether you can offer shared administrative/reception staff. Be specific about parking and other amenities.
  • Consider the current market. Research current market conditions so that you know what current rates and vacancy rates are. This can influence how much you can charge for your space.
  • What costs are included? It’s crucial to be very specific about what costs you will cover. These include utilities, insurance levies and taxes.
Whichever side of the coin you’re on, SpaceMatch can help you find or lease treatment or consulting rooms. Visit or reach out to and let us know how we can help match spaces with ideas.