6 simple ways to start earning income from your vacant retail space

14 September 2020

Unfortunately vacant retail space is a reality that most space owners will have to deal with.

6  simple ways to start earning income from your vacant retail space

If a tenant has vacated their store and you want to fill that space quickly,
here are a few things you can do:

  1. Create a white box space

    Every entrepreneur or brand wants a blank canvas. It gives them the freedom to bring their idea to life just the way that they want it.
    White walls and a clean empty space with ceilings, flooring and lighting allow a retailer to move in and get started quickly with minimal cost.

  2. Focus on the exterior

    The exterior and shop window are just as important as the interior.
    Large windows allow retailers to express their ideas and concept to passing customers.

  3. Offer some extras

    Complimentary WiFi, parking and a few fixtures and fittings can be the difference that get a retailer to enter into a lease agreement. Put yourself in the retailer's shoes and see what you can add on to make your space more attractive,

  4. Consider short term and flexible rental periods

    The PopUp trend is here to stay. A lot of brands and entrepreneurs want to launch a product or concept or to test their idea for a short period before they commit to a long lease. Rather have the space occupied and the possibility that the space user will sign up for a longer term lease than leaving the space vacant.

  5. Pay attention to detail

    The finishing touches are important. Fix up all areas that need work. Add a new coat of paint and make sure the space is clean and tidy and get professional cleaners in if necessary.

  6. Prepare your listing

    When preparing your listing, highlight what makes your space unique and attractive. Use descriptive language. It appeals to our senses and will help to entice space users.
    Use an online thesaurus or dictionary to find suitable adjectives and synonyms.
    Photography is critical. Please read our photography blog for advice on capturing and submitting good images.

6 simple ways to start earning income from your vacant retail space

SpaceMatch allows you to list your vacant retail spaces free of charge and connect with hundreds of brands and entrepreneurs who are looking for space. If you need any help or advice in preparing your space or listing, please contact us at info@spacematch.co.za